Night Eating Patterns

Night Eating and Sleep

Not sleeping well can be not only an unpleasant experience, but influences night eating. People with night eating syndrome (NES) seem to get the same amount of sleep, but wake up more often and have less efficient sleep. They often complain of not feeling rested. Many people worry that once they are awake, they won’t [...]

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Help! My Husband Has Night Eating Syndrome

It’s my favorite time of day – the sun is barely up and I am greeted by a hungry beagle. As I walk downstairs, I wonder what I will find today. I never know what I’ll wake up to find in my own kitchen on any given morning. Today – uneaten bowl of something in [...]

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Night Eating And Anxiety

Just knowing that you will face another night of night eating can cause anxiety in anticipation. Night eating is not easy to control, and feeling out of control with night eating is not a comfortable state. You may have tried many activities to stop night eating – reading, smoking, locking yourself in the bedroom. The [...]

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