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Night Eating Strategy: Using Imagery To Stop Late Night Eating

Night eating plagues many people. Night eaters tend to have problems with sleeping, and often get up to engage in late night eating. You may be angry, frustrated and embarrassed if you engage in night eating, since it can be a hard habit to break. The best interventions for night eating start during the day. [...]

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Night Eating CD – New Downloadable Version

Many people have asked for a downloadable version of the popular Night Eating CD. Here it is! Now you can have instant access to this valuable resource. Click Here To Download Now

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Night Eating CD

Night eating can be a very serious problem, and can cause serious health problems. For most people, night eating is very frustrating – if you are trying to lose weight, late night eating can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Night eating can be triggered by emotion and/or exhaustion. Other times, eating at night is just [...]

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