Sleep Tapping For Night Eating

by Dr. Carol Solomon

Here’s a demo on how one practitioner approaches EFT tapping for sleep. One of the goals of reducing night eating is to get a better and deeper night’s sleep. Night eating symptoms sometimes disappear completely if you can get yourself into a deeper sleep and stay there. However, that is easier said than done!

See for yourself how easy it is to tap for sleep and eating at night. It will relax your entire system and make it easier to reach those deep sleep states.

This is the best and most powerful intervention for night eating that I have ever seen. The great part is that once you learn the technique, you can use it for many other issues in your life. Not only weight loss, sleep disturbances and night eating, but also diabetes, cancer issues, pain, etc. For difficult issues with night eating, you may need to be persistent. Work on stress, the urge to eat and night and any emotional issues you may be feeling. Eating at night may decrease gradually over time. Be patient! You are looking for the night eating symptoms to occur less often and be less extreme.

Stop Eating Sugar At Night

Sugar cravings often fuel night eating. In this video, Jamie Oliver shares his passion for changing the way American schools feed our children. I love Jamie’s passion and big picture positive thinking on this issue. To reduce sugar cravings, be sure to eat enough protein during the day and keep your blood sugar stable by [...]

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How to Reverse the Effects of Late Night Eating

It’s three in the morning. As you’re laying in bed, you keep glancing at the clock as if that number will magically change from a three to a seven. You weigh the options in your head, fighting with all of your might to resist the urge. After minutes of torment, you finally get out of [...]

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Sleep Eating

Sleep eating can be considered a special form of night eating syndrome. Despite Tina Fey’s depiction of sleep eating, for people who suffer from sleep eating, it is anything but funny. Sleep eaters tend to prefer foods very high in sugar and fat, contributing to obesity, heart disease and night eating. Some sleep eaters eat [...]

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How Night Eating Syndrome Leads To Obesity

Is night eating syndrome considered an eating disorder? Is night eating syndrome related to depression or stress? Do you have a fear of gaining weight because of night eating? Dr. Jennifer Lundgrin answers your questions and shares statistics on night eating syndrome and obesity. Find out the one mistake you may be making that leads [...]

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Night Eating and Sleep

Not sleeping well can be not only an unpleasant experience, but influences night eating. People with night eating syndrome (NES) seem to get the same amount of sleep, but wake up more often and have less efficient sleep. They often complain of not feeling rested. Many people worry that once they are awake, they won’t [...]

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Night Eating Strategy: Using Imagery To Stop Late Night Eating

Night eating plagues many people. Night eaters tend to have problems with sleeping, and often get up to engage in late night eating. You may be angry, frustrated and embarrassed if you engage in night eating, since it can be a hard habit to break. The best interventions for night eating start during the day. [...]

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Night Eating CD – New Downloadable Version

Many people have asked for a downloadable version of the popular Night Eating CD. Here it is! Now you can have instant access to this valuable resource. Click Here To Download Now

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Help! My Husband Has Night Eating Syndrome

It’s my favorite time of day – the sun is barely up and I am greeted by a hungry beagle. As I walk downstairs, I wonder what I will find today. I never know what I’ll wake up to find in my own kitchen on any given morning. Today – uneaten bowl of something in [...]

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